Martin Luther King Jr. left us with more than his legacy, he left us his DREAM!

BAILEY BROADCASTING SERVICES, the people who brought you King – From Atlanta To The Mountaintop and Barry White: The Icon Lives On! are proud to bring you… Dream of Freedom: The Words and Wisdom Of Martin Luther King Jr.

This thought provoking program will transport you back to the turbulent times, when Martin Luther King struggled to salvage the American Dream and will enable you to experience Dr. King’s struggle through the eyes of those who witnessed it first hand.

You will hear from both friend and foe like President John F. Kennedy, Malcom X and King’s widow Coretta. You’ll gain incedible insight on King’s life from his advisor and closest friend, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, who was with King from the very start.

Hosted by Radioscope’s Cameron Turner and Dawn Lewis, (loved by millions as “Jaleesa” on the hit sitcom, “A Different World”), this dynamic 90 minute experience delivers the words and wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr., “America’s drum major for justice.”

Dream of Freedom captures the hope and despair, the tragedy and triumph of Dr. King’s life and work.

It will touch you, anger you and at the same time lift your spirit!