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*With Atlanta’s vaunted Civil Rights legacy on display … Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., along with Andrew Young and John Lewis, participated in the opening coin toss of Super Bowl LIII this past Sunday (02-03-19).

Reverend Bernice King had the honor of actually tossing the coin. The Patriots captain called heads. The coin came up tails. The Patriots elected to defer.  Additionally, moments prior to the coin toss, the NFL ran video across the Halo Board of Martin Luther King Jr., along with excepts from his speeches. The video was also included in the live CBS game broadcast, reports

Civil Rights history was there in the form of Representative John Lewis (D), who represents Atlanta in Congress. Lewis is known for his role in Civil Rights protests, including the Selma, Ala. voting rights marches. Andrew Young, who was an aide to Martin Luther King Jr. , later served as United Nations ambassador during the Jimmy Carter administration, as a member of Congress and as mayor of Atlanta. Bernice King is CEO of the King Center in Atlanta, which works to carry on the work of her father.


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