What Exactly is White Supremacy?

kkk - b&w*We have lately been hearing a lot about White Supremacy.

But do you really know what it is?

Here are the important things everyone must know about white supremacy.

1. What is White Supremacy?
It is a complex social phenomenon. It was invented to make the process of colonization by Europe and its determination to conquer and rule the world a natural process. The concept was that the white races are superior and they are meant to dominate the non-whites, who were considered inferior.

In the US, the concept of white supremacy came to the forefront in the 17th century when white and black servants fought for their rights and freedom together. The white elites devised a system of racial classification to get rid of the rebellion, and the blacks were made into a permanent class of slaves. The white servants, on the other hand, were given land and guns on the completion of their services.

2. It is a Belief
White supremacy combines beliefs, actions and habits. It lies in the subconscious of the people and does not necessarily rely on the intentions of the beneficiaries, practitioners and actors. When it comes to white people, they are seen as individuals where the actions of one person do not reflect on the merits of the entire group. On the other hand, when it comes to people of color, the actions of one person are generalized for the entire group. Whiteness is directly linked to being American and the people of color need to do a lot to prove their loyalty to the country.

3. It is a System
To know it in its most basic sense, it is material, philosophical, ethical, religious, scientific, political and an economic system that aims to maintain that the whites are superior to the people of color. It is a systemic and philosophical umbrella for white racism.

4. White Supremacy Today
White supremacists today are broken into various groups that share similar ideologies. From the neo-Nazis to the mainstream white nationalists, and then the modern alt-right group, there are many forms and types of white supremacy and white nationalism. There have been increasing cases involving the phenomenon of white supremacy today in the US where the people of color are sidelined and targeted in a number of ways and cases. The incident of Charlottesville recently brought attention to the increasing issue of white supremacy and this needs to be taken seriously before things get really bad.

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