A Survival Guide to Dealing with White Supremacy

white supremacists - kkk*If you talk about the most dangerous ideologies rampant in the world currently, white supremacy will definitely make to the list.

It is like a cancer that continues to spread and grow every passing day.

The best thing one can do, especially the people of color, is to navigate the different forms of hate in any way possible.

If you are also concerned about the growing popularity of this ideology and are looking for ways to deal with such people, here is a survival guide to help you out.

1. Acknowledge it Exists
The first step to dealing with the phenomenon is to accept its existence. Denying it at this point in time is something downright naïve to do. It is embedded in everything we do in our daily lives. The right and opportunities that the white people have cannot even be compared to the ones that are there for the people of color. As soon as you are able to acknowledge its existence, you will be able to devise ways to deal with it.

2. Educate Yourself About it
The main factor of the phenomenon still festering is that not many people are aware of the mechanisms of white supremacy. You need to start with educating yourself about it. You can search for it on Google, read essays and news about it. You can also get your hands on some books like The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin and Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. This will allow you it understand the mechanics and history of white supremacy.

3. Take Care of Yourself
The climate of the country is getting worse day by day, especially for the people of color. The people are unkind to anyone who talks about stability, safety and equal rights for all. The best thing to do under these circumstance is to take care of yourself. Try spending time with your friends and family. Try to avoid listening to the news of these incidents and take a break from all that hatred on social media.

4. Speak Out and Protest
It is time to use your voices against the injustice done to the people of color. Speak out about it and also attend any protests or demonstration being held near you to show your support against white supremacy. Check with the local community and ask them about when the next demonstration or protest is going to take place and go and raise your voice.

While white supremacy is rampant in the US currently, it is not your responsibility as the people of color to fix the issue. Do as much as you can but know when to walk away and take a break.

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