Martin Luther King Audio Speeches

Our two-disc Martin Luther King Jr speech audio set, Dream of Freedom, is the perfect companion to our highly acclaimed audio docudrama, King — From Atlanta To The Mountaintop.

Go back in time to experience Martin Luther King Jr.’s struggles to bring together a nation and secure equal rights for African-Americans and all those who have historically been oppressed. In this 90-minute set, you’ll hear Dr. King deliver his iconic words, such as his unforgettable “I Have a Dream” speech, along with segments from other influential figures from the era such as President John F. Kennedy and Malcom X. You’ll also hear from King’s closest companions and some of the Civil Rights Movement’s most iconic figures.

Hosted by Cameron Turner and actress Dawn Lewis, this CD set is an emotional, inspirational, and powerful experience that will transport listeners to another age. Filled with pivotal moments and inspirational excerpts from some of the most remarkable speeches in American history, our Martin Luther King Jr speech audio set captures both the triumphs and tribulations of Dr. King and the American people throughout the 1960s.

You’ll want to bring the entire family together to experience this 90-minute masterpiece about Dr. King’s work. Together with our award-winning audio docudrama, King — From Atlanta To The Mountaintop and a new offering, A Tribute to Rosa Parks, we’ve memorialized some of the most important words of wisdom from this significant period in our country’s history. Now, you can hear and experience these life-changing words for yourself. Sure to become a cherished part of your audio collection, Dream of Freedom will move you and your loved ones to follow in the footsteps of Dr. King, who never ceased in his mission to fight on behalf of those who were treated as second-class citizens for far too long.

Given our nation’s current highly politicized climate and heated race relations, the release of this audio set could not be more timely. If you want to hear Dr. King’s most memorable speeches in his own words, be sure to pick up your copy of this essential CD set.

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