King – From Atlanta To The Mountaintop!


Is the highly acclaimed and award winning three hour docu-drama which recreates the heart of the Civil Rights Movement, including many unforgettable moments in Dr. King’s life!
This incredible compilation, with narration by award winning broadcaster Lee Bailey, will take you on a “historical journey.”

With “King”, you will relive momentous events from the civil rights era! Including, the bus boycott in Montgomery, Dr. King’s triumphant march on Washington, right up to that fateful day in Memphis, Tenn!

This is a wonderful way to not only celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but to learn about the life of America’s greatest warrior for peace and the Civil Rights movement!

Click below to hear a sample from this 3 CD set!… 

King – From Atlanta to the Mountaintop is a documented account which features interviews with Dr. King and many of his closets confidants.

It also includes excerpts from many of his historical speeches… all complimented by inspirational music.
This priceless collection of oral history is sure to become a family keepsake that you can share with generations to come!