FBI Claims New ‘Black Identity Extremism’ Movement is Threat to US Police

TEHRAN (FNA)- The FBI warned of what described as a looming violent threat against police in the US, calling it “black identity extremism,” according to a leaked report. The Foreign Policy magazine has obtained the document which is dated August … Continue reading

Black Philadelphia Cops Come Forward Claiming Racism and Corruption amongst White Supervisors

In the last couple of years, several shocking videos documenting police treatment of black suspects have drawn an intense spotlight on racism and police brutality. While much of the outrage has been driven by civilian voices, in Philadelphia it seems … Continue reading

Kevin Ashley Parnell Sends Several Racist Texts and Threats before Killing an Innocent Black Man

“I’m going to strip you naked and whip you like the slave you are.” That was the harrowing message Kevin Ashley Parnell left for his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Jordan Briggs, via Facebook. It was just one of the many racially charged … Continue reading