FBI Claims New ‘Black Identity Extremism’ Movement is Threat to US Police

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TEHRAN (FNA)- The FBI warned of what described as a looming violent threat against police in the US, calling it “black identity extremism,” according to a leaked report. The Foreign Policy magazine has obtained the document which is dated August 2017 and was written by the Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit within the bureau, presstv reported. “The… Continue reading

Cesar De Leon (A Texas Politician) is Refusing to Resign After Calling Associates ‘Ni*gers’

cesar de leon

Cesar De Leon

*Here we go again. It’s another politician who thinks he can just call his colleagues “ni*gers” and get away with it. He’s refusing to resign. And he’s Hispanic.

In a Brownsville, Texas city hall meeting on Tuesday, Cesar De Leon, the city commissioner at large, faced the music and apologized for his insensitive comments. And the kicker is (and you’ve heard it before from racists) he said that he neither condones or practices racism.

“I made a terrible mistake, but please believe, I still stand against injustice, unfair, and unlawful treatment of any American regardless of race, religion, age or social standing,” De Leon said in remarks posted on YouTube. “I will not stop honoring my commitment to the people of Brownsville, nor will I back down in my fight for our great community.”

De Leon was straight up busted because a recording of him using the n-word as well as the f-word as he was describing two prosecutors was posted on social media but has been taken down.

“There are a couple of f***ing n***ers that Luis Saenz is getting, and I don’t know where he is getting them from. They are coming down to my f***ing city and now they are trying to f***ing put everybody in jail because they think we are a bunch of Mexicans that hit our wives,” De Leon said.

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TV One Announces Production of ‘Behind The Movement’ – Slated for Feb 2018 Premiere

RosaParksMugShot*SILVER SPRING, MD – – TV One today announced that production is underway in Atlanta, Georgia for the new film, “Behind the Movement,” starring Meta Golding (“The Hunger Games”), Isaiah Washington (“The 100”), Loretta Devine (“Waiting to Exhale”), and Roger Guenveur Smith (“American Gangster”). The film is slated to premiere in time for Black History Month 2018.

Behind the Movement is a unique and fast-paced retelling of how Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat launched the history-making Montgomery Bus Boycott. The film will reveal the untold story of how a group of everyday people decided this incident was the right time to take a stand for their civil rights and demand equal treatment.

Behind the Movement cast announced today:

• Meta Washington as Rosa Parks
• Roger Guenveur Smith as Raymond Parks
• Loretta Devine as Jo Ann Robinson
• Isaiah Washington as E.D. Nixon
• Shaun Clay as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Rosa’s day as a seamstress at the Montgomery Fair Department Store, in Alabama in 1955, starts as any other, but her journey home was interrupted when the evening bus driver tells the black passengers in the first row of the “Negro Section” to make room for white passengers who were without seats. Though this was common practice, that evening, Mrs. Parks decides not to comply. Knowing her rights and being fed up with the treatment of black citizens, she accepts the consequences of refusing to obey an order and is arrested. That night, Mr. E.D. Nixon, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, of which Rosa is the secretary, calls his friend Mr. Clifford Durr, a local white attorney. Once safely at home, E.D. tells Rosa that she is the perfect “test case” for a Bus Boycott, an idea that had been in discussion since the bus segregation rules were continuously being abused and more and more blacks were being removed or threatened if they didn’t give up their seats to white riders.

Afraid for her safety, Rosa’s mother and her husband, try to talk her out of leading the boycott, but Rosa tells them that taking this stance is too important. By midnight, plans are put in motion to launch a boycott that, ultimately, would last more than a year and give rise to what is known today at the Civil Rights Movement.

Behind the Movement is written by Katrina M. O’Gilvie and directed by Aric Avelino. The film is produced for TV One by Eric Tomosunas, Keith Neal, and James Seppelfrick and Darien Baldwin for Swirl Films. For TV One, Tia A. Smith is Sr. Director of Original Programming & Production and Executive in Charge of Production; Karen Peterkin is Director of Scripted Original Programming. Donyell McCullough is Senior Director of Talent & Casting; Robyn Greene-Arrington is VP of Original Programming, and D’Angela Proctor is Head of Original Programming and Production.

For more information about TV One’s upcoming programming, including original movies, visit the network’s companion website at www.tvone.tv. TV One viewers can also join the conversation by connecting via social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@tvonetv) using the hash tags #BEHINDTHEMOVEMENT and #REPRESENT.

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Swirl Films is America’s “number one urban film production company,” a full-service Film & TV production company with over 60 original productions in the past six years, focusing on urban content and programming, independent features and multi-camera productions. Swirl Films is a major content provider for TV One which includes original productions: Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story (2016), which was TV One’s first ever biopic, starring another stellar cast: Lisa Raye McCoy, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Darius McCrary, Indirah Khan and Teyonah Parris as Howard. According to the network, the film broke record ratings, undeniably becoming the top original film in the network’s history drawing in 2 million views, resulting in the networks highest ratings week ever. Quickly surpassing those numbers is TV One’s #1 Original Premiere of All Time, When Love Kills (2017), starring Lance Gross, Niatia Kirkland, and Tami Roman, directed by actress Tasha Smith. Swirl Films previous production credits for TV One also includes Born Again Virgin, starring Danielle Nicolet, Meagan Holder and Eva Marcille; Here We Go Again, starring LeToya Luckett, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Kyndall Ferguson; Russ Parr’s award-winning The Undershepherd, Hear No Evil, and 35 & Ticking (Kevin Hart).

Launched in January 2004, TV One serves 59 million households, offering a broad range of real-life and entertainment-focused original programming, classic series, movies and music designed to entertain and inform a diverse audience of adult black viewers. The network represents the best in black culture and entertainment with fan favorite shows Unsung, Rickey Smiley For Real, Fatal Attraction, The Manns and The NAACP Image Awards. In addition, TV One is the cable home of blockbuster drama Empire, and NewsOne Now, the only live daily news program dedicated to black viewers. In December 2008, the company launched TV One High Def, which now serves 14 million households. TV One is solely owned by Urban One, Inc., formerly known as Radio One, Inc. [NASDAQ: UONE and UONEK, www.urban1.com], the largest African-American owned multi-media company primarily targeting Black and urban audiences.





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Black Philadelphia Cops Come Forward Claiming Racism and Corruption amongst White Supervisors

rochelle bilal

Guardian Civic League President, Rochelle Bilal

In the last couple of years, several shocking videos documenting police treatment of black suspects have drawn an intense spotlight on racism and police brutality. While much of the outrage has been driven by civilian voices, in Philadelphia it seems that black police officers are no longer content to sit by quietly any longer, either.

In a press conference led by Guardian Civic League President, Rochelle Bilal, the community leader openly addressed the allegations made in an anonymous letter sent to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

The letter ostensibly penned by the “ Stressed Black Personnel of the Narcotics Bureau,” accuses two white supervisors later identified as a Chief Inspector Anthony Boyle and an Inspector Raymond Evers of promoting an atmosphere where police offers are encouraged to defy department policies. The letter goes on to detail incidents where supervisors were heard making racially derogatory remarks towards black citizens, further accusing the two supervisors of creating a “racially hostile atmosphere” for black officers. The letter also claims that the supervisors stood behind the falsification of documentation and evidence related to drug arrests in cases where criminals agreed to volunteer confidential information towards other pending cases.

Of the 6 police officers so far only one has been identified, Staff Inspector Debra Frazier is currently the most senior black official serving on Philadelphia’s police force and is also the integrity officer for the department. The remaining accusers remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from superior officers. Center City Attorney Brian R. Mildenberg, states that the officers are seeking a full investigation into the allegations and that exploration is being made regarding a civil suit against the department.

As head of the Civic League, Bilal heads an organization which represents the interests of black police officers as well as the city’s NAACP. Speaking at the news conference Bilal said:

“Commanding officers have harassed and encouraged harassment and disrespect of African American police officers to the point where we believe that a crisis of racial discrimination exists at Narcotics…The crisis of discrimination is shown by the fact that a police corporal felt comfortable under the current commanding officers in parking his vehicle with a Confederate flag on it at the workplace”

Bilal went on to demand the immediate removal of the two named supervisors from their current posts in the department.

For its part, the Police Department is silent on the allegations. Department spokesman Troy Brown has refused to comment, citing the possibility of further litigation, while efforts to reach out to both Brown and Evers have remained unsuccessful.


A Bitter Pill: Freddie Gray’s Family Left Devastated as DOJ Decides Not to Charge Officers

freddie gray*In a gut wrenching bookend to the events set in motion by the tragic death of Freddie Gray in April 2015, the Department of Justice has decided not to press Federal charges against any of the six Baltimore Police Officers involved in the 25-year olds death. In a statement released this past Tuesday, the DOJ said:

“After an extensive review of this tragic event, conducted by career prosecutors and investigators, the Justice Department concluded that the evidence is insufficient”
With Baltimore prosecutors dropping all charges against the officers last July, the announcement effectively marks the end of the criminal investigation in the matter.
Gray’s death came as a result of spinal cord injuries he had sustained after being pursued by the police for possessing an illegal switchblade.

Gray had been handcuffed, and was being transported in the back of a police car without a secured seatbelt when the accident allegedly occurred. Shortly after Gray’s death, Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn J. Mosby had pointed to the gross negligence of the officers as a main contributing factor to Gray’s death, stating that the driver had given Gray a “rough ride”.

The aftermath of Gray’s death saw protests, rioting and looting break out across the predominantly black city, as anger swelled over police brutality and racism. Now, 2 years later, it seems that Gray’s family can finally move on from grievous wounds inflicted by his death. Speaking to reporters, attorney to the family, Hassan Murphy, spoke about the disappointment the family felt at the DOJ’s decision.

“They are disappointed that no one will be held accountable for their son’s tragic death, which occurred while in police custody… This is a bitter pill for all of us to swallow. It is the end of a chapter, and it is a sad and tragic chapter”

However, Murphy admitted that after speaking to the DOJ and learning of the process with which the decision had been taken; that both he and the family had come away with some measure of acceptance regarding the investigation.

“We have to admit that we left satisfied with the investigation undertaken by this particular group of lawyers at the Department of Justice, most of, or all of them, holdovers from the Obama administration, and they were frank and forthright about the things they had done and the steps they had taken in this investigation.”

All officers involved in the case are still employed with the Baltimore Police Department. But internal disciplinary hearings for 5 of them are scheduled for October 30.

8 Things You Should Know About the ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech

i have a dream speechFifty-four years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave one of the most motivational speeches in history: the I Have a Dream speech. This speech was a crucial moment during the civil rights movement and is still commemorated today.

While almost everyone learns about this MLK speech in school, here are a few things you might not know about this iconic speech. Let’s take a look at just a few interesting facts!

  1. The “I have a dream” section of the speech was delivered spontaneously due to one of King’s friends, Mahalia Jackson, shouted “Tell ‘em about the dream, Martin.” This came to be the most well-known part of the speech. It was also used in some of MLK’s previous lesser-known speeches.
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. gave many speeches, his first national address being six years before the I Have a Dream speech. It was given to a crowd of 15,000 to 30,000 people.
  3. President Kennedy commented “That guy is really good” while watching the speech. The head of the FBI’s domestic intelligence division, William Sullivan, was less impressed than the President. In a memo, he stated that King was “the most dangerous Negro of the future in this Nation from the standpoint of communism … and national security.”
  4. The sound system that was installed for the King’s speech was sabotaged right before it began.
  5. There were a total of 10 speakers at the event at the Lincoln Memorial. MLK was the last speaker, so multiple people had already left before he spoke.
  6. Almost one-fourth of the March attendees were white.
  7. King stayed up until 4 a.m. working on his speech the night before. His advisors, Stanley Levison and Clarence Jones, wrote the first draft of the speech which was originally called “Normalcy – Never Again.”
  8. The speech references Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the Declaration of Independence, The Emancipation Proclamation, and the U.S. Constitution: “This will be the day when all of God’s children will be able to sing with new meaning. ‘My country, ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers dies, land of the pilgrim’s pride, from every mountain side, let freedom ring.” — MLK used these “My Country Tis of Thee” lyrics to further show how the Nation would soon be united.

The I Have a Dream speech was given to more than 250,000 people during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. While people may not have recognized the importance of this speech at that time, it remains an important part of history that we still learn about today. And now you know a little bit more about it.

Ray Lewis Statue Removal Petition Now Has 25,000 Signatures and Growing!

ray lewis & players kneeling

*We can only imagine what Ray Lewis‘ mind is tripping on today as reports circulate that a petition to remove his statue from Ravens Stadium is gathering steam.

As we said earlier in our story about Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller losing his gig as a spokesperson for a Denver car dealership, sometimes, when you stand for something, you lose something.

In any event, it must be really, really ironic after warning Colin Kaepernick to keep quiet about social activism earlier this year, Lewis, former Ravens great knelt during the playing of the national anthem Sunday with current members of the team.

Lewis said Tuesday his decision to kneel on both knees was to “simply honor God in the midst of chaos.” Uh oh, as far as some white folks (and Trump followers) are concerned, he may as well have peed on the flag. The bottom line is that he was criticized for the anthem demonstration by both Kaepernick supporters and those who believe Lewis and the Ravens were disrespecting the flag.

Unfortunately, the latter launched a petition Sunday to remove Lewis’ statue from M&T Bank Stadium, saying on Change.org that kneeling during the anthem is “disrespectful, regardless of what you are protesting.”

The petition addressed to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has received more than 25,000 signatures as of Tuesday night.

“I took two knees because I have a first amendment right just like everybody else. And when I came out of that locker room, I had choice to make,” Lewis told 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore.

“And look at my fellow players and I looked at these young guys. I’m not in the protesting business, I’m not into this, whatever (Donald) Trump wanna say. I’m not into that mess, but if these young boys doing what they doing, then I got to meet them where they are.”

Get the rest of this story at EURweb.


Human Rights Causes That MLK Supported (That You Never Learned In School)

civil rights educationMartin Luther King Jr. was an avid activist, a civil rights leader, and a respected public figure. While considered a key figure in the civil rights movement and in civil rights education, Dr. King is renowned to have been dedicated to various human rights causes up until his assassination in 1968.

The 1960s were a time of political and social advancement for America’s un-privileged and persecuted. MLK himself was placed in jail for his advocacy up to 29 times. The following are only a few of the human rights causes Martin Luther King Jr. was dedicated to.

  1. The movement for school reform
    All Americans are entitled to a valuable and equal education under their constitutional rights. Dr. King believed, according to “The Purpose of Education” (1947), that unsegregated education and curriculum reform were to keys to integrity and the evolution of the human character. When multiple lifestyles, religions, social classes, etc, were brought together into a classroom, the classroom then becomes less biased and more real.
  2. Equal pay and workers’ rights
    Martin Luther King Jr. was an avid anti-capitalist when it came to the economic future of the United States. He argued for equal pay for Americans regardless of race and gender and for the equal rights of workers.
  3. Equal rights for sanitation workers
    Dr. King actively spoke regarding equal rights for workers, but much of the time he spoke for the equal rights of sanitation workers. The year of his assassination, Dr. King was helping to mobilize workers for the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike. He spoke to a crowd of workers the very night of his death urging them to fight for acceptable wages, adequate safety, and union recognition.
  4. Interfaith work
    Dr. King, a firm friend of Malcolm X, believed in the recognition of religious differences and the unification of these differences to advocate for social change. Coretta Scott King has referenced that King and Malcolm X, who was Muslim, would have become a strong force of interfaith advocacy has Dr. King survived.
  5. Marriage equality
    In 2012, CNN published an article discussing how Dr. King may have felt regarding marriage equality. The feelings, CNN concluded, most likely would have been positive. Coretta Scott King passionately advocated for marriage equality until her death in 2006. John Lewis, Dr. King’s colleague and close friend, had also explained in 2014 that civil rights and equal rights for marriage were the same fight.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a revered public figure in the civil rights movement and a key influence on civil rights education. It’s important to note that Dr. King fought and advocated for a number of human rights causes within the civil rights movement and to not let that information regarding civil rights education be lost to history.

Congress Passes Legislation That Forces Trump To Condemn White Supremacists, But Will He Sign?

donald trump - speech on white supremacists

*According to the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Donald Trump will “absolutely” sign a bill passed by the House and Senate that urges him to speak out against all forms of racism and prejudice.

It has been the question on everyone’s mind ever since word got around that the Congress had unanimously passed a joint resolution, billed by Washington insiders as the “Charlottesville Resolution” through to the president’s office. In the past, Trump has been notoriously wishy-washy when it came to condemning clear acts of racial violence, most notably in a speech following the death of Heather Heyer, where he ascribed blame for the violence at Charlottesville to “many sides.”  The President went on to describe many members of the racist mob as being “very fine people”.

This bill provides the President no such leeway, stating in clear terms that it

Urges the President and his administration to speak out against hate groups that espouse racism, extremism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and white supremacy…”

In addition, the resolution clearly names several well-known white supremacist organizations as hate groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis as well as other white nationalists. The bill also urges the Department of Homeland Security and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to incidents, such as those which claimed the life of Heather Heyer, as acts of domestic terrorism.

While these sorts of declarations are simply treated as statements of intent on behalf of the Congress, requiring no input from the President himself; this particular bill was submitted as a joint resolution which will require Trump’s signature within 10 days of being passed to his office.

While Trump ponders over whether he can commit to such a controversial bill, he also has a meeting with Republican Senator Tim Scott to mull over. The Senator represents the only black member of the Republican Senate, and earlier this year he had responded to President Trump’s weak statement following Charlottesville by saying Trump’s moral authority had been compromised.

In a 30-minute long session with the President held at the Oval Office, the Senator discussed amongst other issues; bringing value to the White House staff through increased diversification and, “what to do next”, after the controversial remarks made following Charlottesville.

For his part, Scott thinks that Trump, “obviously reflected” on the conversation the two had. Trump is described as having listened intently to the Scott’s perspective, and was heard saying “I understand” several times throughout the talk. We’ll see how much of it rubbed off on him when and if Trump decides to sign this new bill.


Kevin Ashley Parnell Sends Several Racist Texts and Threats before Killing an Innocent Black Man

Kevin Ashley Parnell

Kevin Ashley Parnell

“I’m going to strip you naked and whip you like the slave you are.”

That was the harrowing message Kevin Ashley Parnell left for his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Jordan Briggs, via Facebook.

It was just one of the many racially charged messages the police say Parnell sent. He would send one more “you were warned”, before finally taking to the road and showing up at Briggs’ house in the Dallas area.

Authorities say that Parnell was left incensed after his daughter was arrested on charges of prostitution. According to reports, Parnell blamed Briggs for the incident, a charge which Briggs wholeheartedly denied.

Briggs recounts the series of events that followed as Parnell showed up at his residence in a white pick–up. Describing how he heard Parnell banging on his door, calling for him to come out. At which point Briggs had frozen up and gone to the back of the house. His roommate, 28-year-old Sammie Jones, who is also black, had instead decided to go out and confront Parnell, in an attempt to calm the man down.

However, when Parnell attempted to apologize and ease the tension, Parnell pulled out a gun allegedly stating;

“You know what kind of gun this is boy? It is a Glock 40.”

Briggs describes what happened next.

“Sammie was being so calm. … He just shot my bro in the face and burned off,”

Upon arrival at the scene, the police immediately announced the young man’s death. In a statement released after the incident, Homicide detective, Sgt. Joe Loughman, backed up the story as described by Parnell saying,

“He was shot because he was trying to keep an irate man from his friend”.

The police issued an arrest warrant for Parnell the same night the murder took place, arresting the man the next morning as he showed up to work at his contract job at a General Motors factory. He is currently being held at Mansfield Jail in Texas, with bail set at $500,000.

In a strange irony, Parnell’s daughter is actually biracial, and the prostitution charges levied against her were recently dismissed after she was placed on deferred-adjudication probation for her role in an unrelated theft.

As far has her father goes, the likely charges he will face are still up in the air. The Texas law does allow for sentencing on crimes to be enhanced if Judges or Juries deem them to be hate crimes. Such an allowance is not made in the case of first-degree felonies such as murder, as these already carry a maximum sentence of 5-99 years.